COLOPL Group signs an MOU with CALIVERSE, a Member of LOTTE Group, for the Co-creation of a Metaverse Economic Ecosystem.

COLOPL Group signs an MOU with CALIVERSE, a Member of LOTTE Group, for the Co-creation of a Metaverse Economic Ecosystem.

Tokyo, Japan - March 21, 2024 - Parent company of Brilliantcrypto, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Naruatsu Baba; hereinafter referred to as “Brilliantcrypto”), COLOPL, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Takeshi Miyamoto; hereinafter referred to as “COLOPL”) signed an MOU for the co-creation of a metaverse economy ecosystem with CALIVERSE Inc, developer of innovative metaverse platform under the LOTTE Group.

Brilliantcrypto is a project where digital gemstones are created through gameplay and enabling them to be brought into various metaverses, thus creating a new economic ecosystem within the metaverse.

Signing a MOU with CALIVERSE for co-creating metaverse economy ecosystem for their hyper-realistic metaverse powered by Unreal Engine5 is the first step for utilizing the digital gemstones created from Brilliantcrypto.

CALIVERSE is a hyper-realistic and immersive metaverse developed by CALIVERSE Inc, a subsidiary of LOTTE Data Communication Co.,LTD. and a key player of LOTTE Group in South Korea. It features a unique ultra high definition 3D live action footage and graphics, making it suitable for various applications for shopping, entertainment, and others in the world.

With this partnership, Brilliantcrypto hopes to greatly advance in creating a new economic ecosystem in metaverse by combining the “Proof of Gaming” model aiming for sustainable play-to-earn, CALIVERSE’s hyper-realistic and immersive metaverse technologies, and LOTTE Group’s strong sales channel.

■Comments from CALIVERSE CEO, Kim Dong-Kyu

I am extremely pleased that we can aim to achieve a vision with real substance in Web3 with COLOPL, who have released wonderful games to date. I hope to discuss many angles of this collaboration between COLOPL and Caliverse, which aims to create the metaverse of the new age, in order to begin service in Japan and in the global market.

■Comments from Brilliantcrypto CEO, Naruatsu Baba

We are delighted that CALIVERSE, aiming to create an economy in digital space with its impressive graphics and proprietary technology driven metaverse, and Brilliantcrypto, aiming to create digital gemstones through gameplay, have reached such a fundamental agreement. We believe that further discussions between both companies can significantly bring us closer to achieving our dreams.


CALIVERSE Inc, a subsidiary of LOTTE Data Communication Co.,LTD., is a company specializing in the metaverse and VR.

CALIVERSE Inc is a development company that owns cutting-edge technologies such as ultra high definition live action 3DVR and real time rendering graphic synthesis powered by Unreal Engine5, as well as interactive patented technologies that enable live action characters to react to users’ eye movement and voice in virtual reality.

Caliverse Inc aims to provide a next-generation metaverse vastly different from existing ones through User-Generated Content (UGC) Web3 experience around Create to Earn, offering real-time shopping without the constraints of time or location, and immersive entertainment such as K-POP and EDM.

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■About Brilliantcrypto

About Brilliantcrypto, Inc.

Brilliantcrypto, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Naruatsu Baba), is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Colopl, Inc., founded on November 9th, 2022 to take on the challenges of blockchain gaming, and create games that truly shine and stand out. By leveraging blockchain technology and the extensive know-how accumulated by the Colopl Group in the gaming business, Brilliantcrypto aims to create new value for a global audience.

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