COLOPL Group Blockchain Game Company Brilliantcrypto Forms Global Partnership with Paris Saint-Germain F.C. as Premium Partners

The COLOPL Group Blockchain Game Company Brilliantcrypto has signed a contract for a global partnership lasting until June 2025 with the top class football club Paris Saint-Germain F.C.

Brilliantcrypto, Inc. (HQ: Minato City Tokyo, CEO: Naruatsu Baba, henceforth “Brilliantcrypto”)
has partnered with the international football club Paris Saint-Germain F.C. as an “Official Premium Partner.”

Brilliantcrypto was established in November 2022 as a wholly owned subsidiary of COLOPL, Inc. (CEO: Takashi Miyamoto, HQ: Minato City Tokyo), to carry out GameFi※1 projects using blockchain technology.

●Comment from Sébastien Wasels, Managing Director of Paris Saint-Germain in Asia-Pacific

“We are delighted to welcome Brilliantcrypto as the new Premium Partner of Paris Saint-Germain. This partnership represents the 12th deal signed by the Club’s Asia Pacific office since its opening, highlighting the strong positioning of Paris Saint-Germain in the region. It is an honor to have an ambitious partner like Brilliantcrypto place its trust in our Club to promote its brand and bring forth a revolutionary game that will allow our fans around the world to interact with the club on a whole new level.
With its unique positioning as a lifestyle brand, a strong presence of over 200 million fans on social media and a growing permanent and physical presence in many countries such as Japan via official stores and PSG academies, Paris Saint-Germain has strengthened its ability to support its partners and their objectives worldwide.
We look forward to working together with Brilliantcrypto to develop creative and impactful campaigns.”

●Comment from Naruatsu Baba, CEO of Brilliantcrypto

“Brilliantcrypto was established to take on the challenges of blockchain gaming, and create games that truly shine and stand out.
Our blockchain game is a provocative project that will implement the “Proof of Gaming” concept, aiming to make sustainable play-to-earn※2 a reality, and generate real economic value in the metaverse.
The metaverse has no borders, so in order to deliver real economic value to the metaverse, achieving global recognition is essential. This is why we have been searching for a global marketing partner.
I am therefore very pleased that we have partnered with Paris Saint-Germain, a top global brand known for innovation that is directly getting involved with web3.
Through this partnership with Paris Saint-Germain, who have many enthusiastic fans globally, especially in Southeast Asia and Latin America where many blockchain gamers reside, we plan to generate lots of excitement across the world.”

  • 1: GameFi is a word that combines Game and Finance to describe games that include mechanisms through which one can earn through gameplay, which is made possible by integrating blockchain technology with crypto assets.
  • 2: Play-to-earn is a concept which describes games which make it possible to earn through gameplay, made possible by integrating blockchain technology with crypto assets.

● Paris Saint-Germain F.C. Spectator Ticket Giveaway Campaign Live Now!

A closed beta test will be held from 15/08/2023 for Brilliantcrypto, the new blockchain game where players can play-to-earn through mining gemstones. And as a special thank-you for participation players who have successfully cleared the objective of the test will be entered into a lottery to win 2 VIP tickets (plane tickets included) to see Paris Saint-Germain play in the tournament that decides the top European football team. A total of 6 winners will be randomly selected.
Please view the details below.

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●About Paris Saint-Germain

Paris Saint-Germain was founded in 1970, and celebrated their 50 year anniversary in 2020.
After being purchased in 2011 by QSI, the international top class football club changed direction and began to make moves towards becoming a global sporting brand. The club has won 29 trophies since changing hands with a total of 47 trophies since their inception, cementing them as France’s most successful football club. Some of the strongest players in the world have gathered at Paris Saint-Germain, including Ronaldinho, David Beckham, Zlatan Ibrahimović, and currently Neymar Jr and Kylian Mbappé to name a few. On the other hand, their international fame continues to rise.
Currently, they are one of the most followed football clubs in the world, and their community has seen explosive growth over the course of 10 years of social media operation, with followers rocketing from 0 to over 190,000,000 worldwide. The pioneering club has embraced many different fields in sports including Men’s Football, Women’s Football, Handball and Judo. And in 2016, they made an unprecedented move in founding their own esports team.
Furthermore, Paris Saint-Germain continues to focus efforts on their individual foundation to develop their efficient and expansive program to support young people from less fortunate backgrounds.

■About Brilliantcrypto, Inc.

About Brilliantcrypto, Inc.

Brilliantcrypto was established in November 2022 as a wholly owned subsidiary by COLOPL, Inc. to carry out GameFi projects using blockchain technology. It was established to take on the challenges of blockchain gaming, and create games that truly shine and stand out. Using both blockchain technology, and the bountiful knowledge gained through the COLOPL group’s many years creating video games, we will create new value on a global scale.

  • Company Name: Brilliantcrypto, Inc.
  • Headquarters: Tokyo, Minato City, Akasaka 9-7-2, 5F & 6F Midtown East
  • Founded: 2022/11/09
  • Executive Director: Naruatsu Baba

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