Community Manager
(Native English Speakers Welcome)

Job Details


Colopl, Inc. is a publicly traded game development company listed on the prime section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Having delivered new experiences in gaming for over 15 years, it is now a household name in domestic Japanese gaming, with Colopl games accumulating over 200 million downloads total so far. Now, while over 1000 employees belong to the COLOPL group, the company continues to expand.

As the newest member of the COLOPL Group, Brilliantcrypto, Inc. utilizes blockchain technology, which represents a step outside of the domestic market into the global game industry.

In line with this, we are looking for dedicated and talented English natives who are strong speakers of Japanese to join us at Brilliantcrypto, to help bring these innovations to the global market.

Job Details

Brilliantcrypto is the current focus of the COLOPL Group's innovational efforts. Furthermore, it is already gaining traction in overseas markets, with 70% of current beta users hailing from overseas.

As a community manager, you will be in charge of operating and energizing the global Brilliantcrypto gaming community. You will be able to utilize knowledge of NFTs, cryptocurrency and games in the context of a high-paced emerging web3 market.

In this role, you will be responsible for:

  • Strategizing, planning, executing and analyzing promotional activities for the game
  • Managing and operating the game's community on social media websites and Discord

In this role, you will be able to:

  • Experience building games by collaborating with game designers & developers in a large Japanese game company
  • Use your knowledge of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and blockchain in the rapidly-growing emergent web3 market
  • Gain the precious experience of marketing a web3 game from start to finish.
  • Use your Japanese language abilities as a tool to bring new Japanese games to the global audience

Required Skills/Experience

  • Native-level fluency in English
  • Business-level fluency in Japanese (JLPT N2 equivalent is a must, JLPT N1 equivalent is desirable)
  • Experience operating or building online communities such as Discord, X etc.

Preferred Skills/Experience

  • Experience of promotional/marketing activities (either in-house or through an agency)
  • Regular usage of mobile games, blockchain games, or social media
  • Experience using/trading virtual assets such as NFTs and cryptocurrency, or using blockchain technology


  • Those who work honestly with people to achieve set-goals and numerical KPIs
  • Those who have an interest in virtual assets such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs
  • Those who can work together in a team to solve issues and achieve objectives

Decided according to company standards depending on skills and experience
Monthly Salary: 350,000 JPY ~ 860,000 JPY
∟(Breakdown) Base Monthly Pay: 260,168 JPY ~ 639,331 JPY
Fixed Overtime Compensation (up to 45 hours): 89,832 JPY ~ 220,669 JPY

  • Bonuses will be paid twice yearly based on company and individual performance
  • Salary will be decided at the time of offer within the range above
  • Overtime hours worked over the fixed limit above will be paid in full with surplus

■ Contract Length: Permanent

■ Probation Period: 3 ~ 6 months

■ Working Hours: Standard Working Hours 10:00 ~ 19:00 (8 hrs)

■ Working Style: Flex-time (Core-time:10:30 ~ 15:30)

■ Overtime: As required

■ Break: 1 hour, to be taken between 11:30 ~ 14:30

■ Vacations: Weekends, National Holidays, Paid Leave (granted upon entry・1 hour usage possible) New Year's Vacation, Special Leave, Summer Vacation

■ Insurance Scheme: Employment Insurance, Workplace Insurance, Pension, Health Insurance

■ Benefits

  • Massage room (in-house nationally qualified massage therapists on-site)
  • Commuting expenses paid
  • Free health checkup
  • Office with anti-infection measures in place
  • Mental healthcare for those with a responsibility of care
  • Free beverage machine & water-server
  • No dress-code
  • Unlimited bananas
Work Location

6F Midtown East, Akasaka 9-7-2, Minato City
Tokyo, 107-0052, Japan